Hocheng Chen

Artiste plasticienne


email: ho-cheng.chen@hotmail.com


Installation in-situ with sounds  2017
Still life
Installation with sound 3″02 2016
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Artist statement

Still life in Spanish called “Naturaleza muerta”(dead nature)

Not only means the “Still life” in painting but also when you’re paint a painting the time of the object had already been dead, it’s going to his(it) end.

It’s a concept of time and life,

It’s a concept of relativity, every object and every life have the different life span, every life will going to his end. No matter rich or poor.

I think about time and life, inspire by the nature

My works include the installation sculpture painting and video

Experiment with multiple medias to create my works.

In 2018 hocheng has become part of an international group of artists named Star Platine, in France. 





Hocheng s’interroge sur les effets de la mort sur la vie, les effets de décomposition et des transformations charnelles. Pour se conforter dans notre  vie  les  refuges  sont là pour nous  entraider dans notre finalité.



2018      solo exhibition Unnatural, Le 313, Isle, France

2018      Guzo, Le 313, Isle, France

2017      The Greatest Piece Of Advice I Can’t Give, 15 Rue Du Libre Examen, Anderlecht,Belgium

2017      SOLI SOL SOLI exhibition with Johan Muyle,La Maison des Arts Schaerbeek,Brussels

2016      OUT OF OFFICE exhibition department Sculpture of La cambre ,Louise 186,Brussels

2015      Incertain Genres , Keramis (Centre de la Céramique de la Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles), La Louvière, Belgique

2011      Arts Exhibition ,Department of Sculpture,Taipei,Taiwan

2011    “Sculpture”,Taipei,Taiwan

2010      Arts Exhibition , Department of Sculpture,Taipei,Taiwan

2010      The Fourth warehouse,Taipei,Taiwan

2009      “Fantasy” ,Taipei,Taiwan

2009    “Creative dance drama props” ,Taipei,Taiwan

2008      Arts Exhibition ,Department of Sculpture,Taipei

2008    “Do not carved hard “, Taipei,Taiwan

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